C2 NerveMonitor Spine


C2 NerveMonitor Spine

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

Neuromonitoring for Spinal Column Surgery

C2 Spine Software – simple, fast and intuitive

inomed is pleased to announce the availability of our new Spine Software for the C2 NerveMonitor. The new Spine Software is coupled with a release of a set of matching accessories to enable easy and intuitive neuromonitoring during spinal surgery. The software is available on the C2 NerveMonitor platform, which is already used across the world for a wide range of surgical monitoring where user-friendly operation and quality signal acquisition is of paramount importance e.g. in thyroid surgery >>.

Intuitive controls –   positioning needle electrodes  and connecting cables

When monitoring spinal surgery with the C2 Spine Software, the user is guided step by step. The program provides simple options for setup ensuring the user is ready to perform the test very quickly.  The especially designed accessories have been adapted to the Spine Software. The user is guided intuitively through each step, starting from the correct positioning of the needle electrodes to connecting the cables to the system.  This makes neuromonitoring during spinal surgery an easy standard to adopt as a part of the surgical procedure. The C2 Spine Software combines efficient neuromonitoring during spinal surgery with simple and intuitive operation that has been tried and tested for other applications of the C2 NerveMonitor >>.

Automatic monitoring of the pharmacological relaxation status of patients

The C2 Spine Software includes an integrated twitch-test (relaxation monitoring). This test is used to automatically check the pharmacological relaxation status of the patient's muscles. This is crucial for effective recording of signals during spinal surgery.

The muscles are continuously monitored when the software is in measuring mode. If a relevant activity occurs – for example, by direct nerve manipulation – the surgeon is informed of this visually and acoustically. Pedicle screw testing and stimulation capabilities of the C2 make automatic identification of the respective stimulation threshold value possible and thus the position of the screw within the pedicle can be inferred. Essential information is provided quickly and easily and is displayed for users during spinal surgery.

The C2 Spine Software automatically saves all muscle responses and stimulation limits in one document for the subsequent report. As a result, it is possible to review every stimulation response for the procedure at a later date.


  • Ease of operation by OR staff
  • Clear representation of the EMG signal
  • C2 Spine Software for operations on the spinal column
  • Good quality loudspeakers
  • Twitch-test for automatic relaxation monitoring
  • Barcode scanner for patient data


  • Posterior cervical interbody fusions
  • Lumbar interbody fusions