ISIS IOM Software NeuroExplorer 6.0


ISIS IOM Software NeuroExplorer 6.0

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 for intraoperative Neuromonitoring

The powerful NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 is the latest inomed innovation in the field of intraoperative moni­toring and meets the highly demanding requirements for comprehensive monitoring: improved signal quality resulting from optimized digital signal processing, high user-friendliness and complete documentation.

The NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 is available for all versions of the latest ISIS IOM systems >> ISIS IOM system, ISIS IOM system compact and portable ISIS Xpress. The modular design of the NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 offers users flexible configuration of individual types of measurement and can be expanded to meet individual requirements.

Proven technology meets intelligent usability improvements

The next software generation NeuroExplorer 6.0 refines proven technology of the neuromonitoring software with innovative tools and offers a precise and efficient monitoring for optimal measurement data during the entire monitoring procedure.

NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 allows a quick creation of individual scenarios by using templates with predefined standard parameters.High-user-friendliness supports an easy application and efficient operation procedure through simple adjustment of electrode positions, detail window for signal key information, easy to use comment function and live analysis of signals during ongoing monitoring process.

Further significant and innovative feature of the NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 is the improved digital signal processing (DSP). DSP allows a more detailed identification and reduction of stimulation artefacts and a significantly improved signal quality. The automated, exact peak detection simplifies the analysis of signals during the procedure. Through intelligent data capturing immediate missed spontaneous activity will be subsequently captured when starting EMG and EEG recording. Automated recording of all monitoring data in EDF+ format simplifies the analysis process with any free analysis software.

The NeuroExplorer Software 6.0 and its comprehensive datamanagement offers further advantages to the users. The new SQL Server based DataSync-Module offers a synchronized database for several ISIS IOM systems enabling the synchronization of patient data between multiple workstations. DataSync is the optimal solution for a central data and backup management.

The Screen2Video feature providing all activities as video file, offer advanced service and a helpful tool for presentations and training purposes.


New usability

  • Electrode positioning – quick and easy configuration
  • Signal key information in one view
  • Timeline – live analysis during ongoing monitoring
  • Default Editor for quickly creating indivdual scenarios
  • Individual and quick arrangement of monitoring windows

Comprehensive datamanagement

  • New report generator
  • DataSync – synchronized database for several ISIS IOM systems

New DSP toolbox

  • Improved digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Identification and reduction of stimulation artefacts
  • Optimized filter algorithm for raw signals
  • Improved peak detection of evoked potentials
  • All signals saved as EDF+ data
  • Intelligent data capturing

Advanced Service

  • Screen Capturing – Screen2Video function for presentations and education
  • ServiceZip – fast support assistance


  • Neurosurgery, including SEP and MEP monitoring during spinal cord surgery
  • ENT surgery, including AEP and EMG monitoring in acoustic neuroma
  • General & visceral surgery, for example, EMG monitoring in surgery of the thyroid gland
  • Vascular surgery, for example, SEP monitoring in the event of carotid stenosis
  • Orthopedics and spinal surgery, such as SEP and MEP monitoring spine and scoliosis surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery, such as SEP and MEP monitoring for aortic aneurysms

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