ISIS Neurostimulator


ISIS Neurostimulator

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

ISIS Neurostimulator

A general-purpose neurostimulation system 

The ISIS Neurostimulator is a USB powered module that can be used with stand-alone Windows based PC software to deliver electrical stimulation. The ISIS Neurostimulator can also be configured to form a part of the ISIS IOM system using the NeuroExplorer software. The device provides a multifunctional constant current stimulator, which is specially designed for Neurostimulation and intraoperative neurostimulation.

Easy to use – safe and reliable connection

The stimulation adapters used with the ISIS Neurostimulator are color-coded and clearly labeled enabling easy connection to probes and electrodes at the patient’s bedside.

The ISIS Neurostimulator can also be configured to be used with neurodiagnostic systems to deliver neurostimulation for EMG and iEEG >> procedures.

The ISIS Neurostimulator – powerful and flexible

The ISIS Neurostimulator includes 12 channels for high-power stimulation (max. 250 mA) and a single channel for direct nerve stimulation (max 25 mA). The range of outputs allow for the simultaneous use of a range of neurophysiological measurement techniques in surgery, including neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery, general and visceral surgery and ENT. In addition to the 12 channel stimulation capability, the ISIS Neurostimulator also includes technology that continuously monitors the impedances of the stimulation electrodes. This technique ensures that the current delivered to the patient is constant and kept within safe limits. Stimulation parameters can be modified and saved in the control software.


  • Constant current stimulator with 12+1 outputs for direct neural, cortical, muscular, transcutaneous and transcranial electrical neurostimulation
  • Stimulation current of 0.01 mA to 250 mA can be set at individually definable levels for each channel
  • Impedance measurement and current flow control indicator
  • Each stimulation channel can be used flexibly for all measurement types and freely selected
  • Simple programming of an unlimited number of application-specific stimulation programs
  • Patient documentation database
  • All adaptor/connection boxes required are included


  • Transcranial electrical neurostimulation of motor evoked potentials
  • Direct cortical and subcortical neurostimulation of the speech and motor cortex
  • Direct intracerebral neurostimulation for localization of functional disorders in pre-surgical diagnostics for certain pharmaco-resistant epilepsies.
  • Direct neurostimulation for monitoring cranial and peripheral nerves
  • Neurostimulation of peripheral nerves, neural lesions to measure nerve action potentials
  • Neural and muscular stimulation for surgery in the small pelvic region and anal atresia