PAO Instruments


PAO Instruments

Trauma & Deformity

The Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO) is a complex procedure to reorient the acetabulum in patients with hip dysplasia. The PAO instruments were developed to facilitate two aspects of the procedure — exposure of the superior pubic ramus and creation of the posterior column osteotomy. The instruments feature: Pubis Retractor

  • Double-spiked tip to allow for stable anchoring into the ramus
  • 90° bend to facilitate anchoring into the ramus and holding of the retractor from the opposite side of the patient
  • Broad blade to safely retract the strong iliopsoas muscle and closely associated neurovascular bundle

Curved Offset Osteotomes

  • Curved blade to allow for a curved posterior column osteotomy. Crescentic cutting edge holds the cortex and prevents the osteotome from slipping off during use
  • Offset design retracts the soft tissues away from the osteotome blade, allowing a more minimally invasive technique
  • Left and Right sided instruments