Trauma & Deformity


PediFlex™ Flexible Nailing System

Children’s bones are capable of remodeling with remarkable success. Designed with this in mind, the PediFlex flexible nailing system is indicated for the treatment of long […]



The PediPlates system, which includes the I-Plate, O-Plate, and Delta Plate, provides a physeal tethering technique that does not disrupt the integrity of the physis, or […]


PediLoc® Extension Osteotomy Plate (PLEO)

The PediLoc Extension Osteotomy (PLEO) plate, also part of the renowned PediLoc family, is indicated for proximal, distal, and mid-shaft femur fractures. The system consists of […]



The OP PediFrag System is a unique combination fragment set specifically designed by pediatric orthopedic surgeons for pediatric orthopedic surgery. This 3-in-1 system combines the optimal […]


Cannulated Screws

OrthoPediatrics cannulated screws are available in multiple lengths and thread patterns, making them ideally suited for pediatric applications when treating Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE), a […]


Trans-Physeal Locking Screws

The Trans-Physeal Locking Screws were developed to provide surgeons the option of crossing the femoral capital physis without arresting growth when treating proximal femoral lesions or […]